Laser Cut

Function + Fashion

Creating Extraordinary Designs with Great Breathability

Neoprene apparel always comes with great functionality. With Laser Cut technology, we can add high fashion to great functionality. Athletes can enjoy the comfort of neoprene with a new sexy look. Better yet, those who don’t know how to surf can also confidently add neoprene to their wardrobe.

Shorter Development Lead Time

Produce immediately with vector files

Compared to traditional die-cut application, the development lead time with Laser Cut can easily be “cut” in half. Without the need of a mold, prototype development can instantly go into production with Laser Cut.

Compatible with Neofashion

The thinner the better

Thin neoprene products like swimwear or tops ranging from 0.5mm to 1mm are the most suitable candidates for Laser Cut. With SHEICO’s patented technology, Laser Cut can even be applied to vulcanized boots.

Save Resources and Cost

No tooling required

Laser Cut can help create fashionable and unique products that depart from how consumers would expect neoprene apparel to look like. Designers will have the freedom to craft different edge shapes, improve neoprene’s breathability, or even carve out complex logos, ensuring the products to be one of a kind.

Laser Cut does not use any toolings or molds, making it a more eco-friendly alternative to die-cutting.

Complex Graphic

Craft graphics, logos or patterns

Edge Shape

Create unique edge shape