Channel Flow

The ultimate dry experience

The unique channel structure creates superior moisture management. The signature inner linings instantly absorb moisture and push through the channels to the surface layer for fast evaporation.

  • Stay Dry

    Instant wicks moisture away to keep you cozy and dry.

  • Chill Stop

    Moisture management channels prevent post-exercise chills.

  • Work Smart

    Channel technology enhances wicking performance.

Wicking is a standard function for sportswear fabrics these days, but Sheico’s fabric researchers are not satisfied with just the wicking function.

We dived deep into our know-how in circular knitting and years of development experience, to come up with the next generation wicking technology, Channel Flow.

AATCC 195 Moisture Management Standard

Tested and proven by a third party laboratory. According to AATCC 195, a moisture management testing, Channel Flow’s overall results far surpass fabrics with wicking function.

Moisture Diffusion

Drop 0.2 ml. of water and measure the wet radius in 20 seconds.


One-Way Transport Capability

Overall Moisture Management Capability