Revolutionary breathable neoprene

While retaining many of the features of neoprene,
Ventiprene adds breathability and has redefined
the neoprene product market.

  • Breathable

    Body heat and sweat escapes as water vapor.

  • Designed for Outdoor

    Engineered for outdoor activities with thermal protection.

  • Various Thickness

    Various thickness are ranged for different applications.

The Reason Behind

Neoprene has many advantages such as waterproof and thermal insulation, but it is not breathable as it is constructed with closed-cell structure.

While retaining many of the great features of neoprene, our patented technology creates channels which allow body heat and sweat go through as water vapor.

The revolutionary technology, breathable neoprene, has redefined the neoprene product market.

We built a tube with air pump mechanism to test the functionality of Ventiprene. The tube was divided by a piece of Ventiprene sheet firmly secured in the middle of the tube. When we add some water from the top of the tube, the water did not leak out due to the waterproof feature of neoprene. As air pumped from the bottom of the tube, bubbles came out in the water because air had gone through the breathable neoprene, Ventiprene.

Waterproof and Air Permeable

ASTM D737 Air Permeability Test

Material breathability testing result


Tested and proven by a third party laboratory. According to ASTM D737, a material breathability testing, Ventiprene’s breathability is far surpass outdoor hardshell and regular neoprene.

OutDoor Industry Award winner 2016

Breathable neoprene has some promising advantages. It is an interesting development that could potentially offer benefits to new user groups, outside of water sports.

- The Jury Statement of Outdoor Industry Award 2016

Ventiprene is awarded as Winner in the Outdoor Industry Award 2016 and it is the only awarded Winner in the category of Material Innovation. The jury evaluate Ventiprene outstanding in three criteria, including Degree of innovation, Functionality and Choice of materials.

Performance Forum Tables

Performance Forum Tables Selected

Ventiprene has been selected in the Soft Shell category of Performance Forum Tables in Performance Days, November 2016. This is, again, a proof of the innovation of the material.

Custom Made

Being a vertical integrated company with strong R&D capabilities, we are able to design and build according to individual specifications. Contact us to experience the customize development process.