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Sustainability and social responsibility are our focus.

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    Green Process

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Green Process


Work with us to be the part of change.

For supporting sustainable development and environment. We design a set of green solutions from material to the workplace.

For better earth, better us.



Recycled materials help the Earth we all live in.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are three key factors when thinking about how to recycle. With the same mentality in mind, we knit recycled materials e.g. recycled polyester into fabrics. By using recycled materials, we can consume fewer resources and further reduce waste.



Made from natural materials.

Natural materials are gifts from mother nature. The performance characteristics of fabrics made from natural content are synonymous with our functional fabrics, so there is no sacrifice in performance by making an environmentally conscious fabric selection.



bluesign® approved fabrics.

In line with bluesign® environmental health and safety standard. We ensure the production from the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing process are harmless to the environment and without any harmful substances and heavy metals. It is our commitment to keep our planet green.


The bluesign® system eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process.
It sets, controls and stands for an environmental friendly and safe production.
The bluesign® system sets the standard for water

resources protection, regulation of air and waste emission, occupational health and safety, consumer safety and safe manufacturing process and resources conservation.
Our fabrics comply with the bluesign® standard.

System Partner Certificate

bluesign ® Certificate

A view of our waste water processing facility

Custom Made

Being a vertical integrated company with strong R&D capabilities, we are able to design and build according to individual specifications. Contact us to experience the customize development process.