We invented the best seal and seam technologies that became the standard in the industry.

SHEICO spent years redefining stitchless technology. We invented the S-Seal and Power-Seam® technologies that became the standards for stitchless technology in the water sports industry. Using special heat tapes, we create a perfect bond with our four way stretch Spanflex™ fabric. We extend our patented Power-Seam concept and transform it into stitchless technology. Our stitchless bonding offers the most stretch with comfort.

Four-Way-Stretch Technology

Durable and also flexible

The major constructions of SHEICO Stitchless are Butt Joint and Lap Joint. The Butt Joint is done by siding the fabrics with the heat taping over the joined area which provides maximum comfort. For better strength, Lap Joint is done by joining the fabrics with heat taping in the middle.

  • Butt Joint
  • Lap Joint

Heat tape can also be used as a trim decoration, giving the garment a more vivid look. Designers can pick any color to highlight the bonding or even add reflective materials for safety purposes. There are several stitchless trims to choose from including Folded Edge, Covering Folded Edge and Covered Edge.

  • Covering Folded Edge
  • Covered Edge
  • Folded Edge

Another major application is to cut out portions of a fabric panel then patch them up with mesh fabric reinforced with heat taping. This provides the garment with greater ventilation and adds countless possibilities with color blocking.

  • Reverse Appliqué

High Recovering Ability

Less wavy after stretch

When compared to traditional sewing methods like flatlock and overlock, stitchless taping has better recovery after stretch. Most importantly, this technology offers enough strength for any active or extreme sport.

When put to the test, stitchless taping offers up to 60% more flexibility over flatlock stitching. When stretched under a constant 4.5 kg force, Lap Joint stretches 73% more compare to flatlock stitching.

To stretch the fabric 1.6 times its original length, flatlock will require 1 kg of force while stitchless lap joint construction only requires 0.61 kg of force. That translates to 64% more stretch.

In our internal tests, stitchless taping samples demonstrated superior recovery in appearance relative to traditional sewing methods.

Proven to be Strong and Durable

Severe washing test and fatigue test passed

Tested using a pulling machine that stretches a fabric sample to its maximum elogation and then released for 10,000 repetitions, the appearance and function of stitchless taping remain in its original state.

Also tested with the ISO 105 C106 standard to simulate commercial or domestic laundering, after 40 mins of washing, stitchless heat tape is still in perfect shape. Stitchless technology is proven to be durable.

More Comfort

Avoid markings on skin in any garments

The extrusion of threads makes clothing made with traditional sewing methods like flatlock and overlock feel rough, stiff and abrasive. Using stitchless technology, there is no rough surface.

The tape that touches your skin is flat and abrasion free. Stitchless technology can provide the maximum comfort when wearing the garment. It will not leave any marks on your skin with any compression products.